“Since well before I became a mother, I have had a deep rooted fear of dance classes and dance teachers. Friends told me terrible stories of fierce discipline, strange hairstyles and insane timetables of practice. But that was before I met Chloe and her wonderful dance school. My daughter absolutely loves her dance classes which have strengthened her, increased her confidence and put a huge smile on her face. Chloe is delightful, wonderful with her pupils and a great communicator. I can now say the words “dance show” without breaking out in a rash. Heck, I enjoyed the dance show! Chloe is fab. If you are considering sending your son or daughter to a dance class, don’t hesitate. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” — Ruth Leigh

Ruth Leigh

“My little girl has been with Miss Chloe since September last year amd truly loved it. Unfortunately due to my work commitments she can no longer go. I highly recommend Miss Chloe, she is wonderful with the children. Her approach and manner is excellent. Thank you Chloe xx” — Soph Hurren

Soph Hurren